Jamie M. Moore Jamie M. Moore


Jamie M. Moore
Realist photographer.

Jamie is a photographer based out of Chicago,IL who’s main focus is documenting queer subcultures that often go under the radar from the general public, in an attempt to put a spotlight on groups of people who thrive without permission. Jamie is also an active kink educator working in the gay leather culture to help new people come into BDSM without shame or guilt. He would love to help any new comer to kink / BDSM to help them understand that it is Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

Over the past eight years I have spent a large portion of my photo career creating and exploring the world of photo-books, having made dozens of my own monographs (please see CV for list) I have established my own catalog of books without the help of any outside financial source or publisher to fund my artistic practices. I am a firm believer in DIY when it comes to new young artists who are doing anything they can show their work. Zines, photo-books, online galleries, and art-book fairs are all ways I have helped myself and other photographers push their photos into the world. I believe this DIY ethic can also be applied into the classroom, giving students the opportunity to see that there are more than just large institutions and galleries who want to see their pictures, and not only do more people wanna see their work, its often easier to do it themselves or with a group of like minded artist.
Over the past decade I have also committed myself to a number of projects that put a spotlight on under represented queer communities. From my project A Bears World, which showed a subculture of gay men who bodies are large and go against the stereotypical clean cut gay man, to my most recent body of work; A Wild Pack of Dogs, which explores a subculture in the leather community knowns as puppy play (human-animal roll play). Both of these projects are my attempt to put a spotlight on people who are often in the shadows because of how the general public view them. To see these communities put on a pedestal and be recognized for their beauty and sense of rebellion.
My values for both DIY culture and the under-represented are at the core of how all my research is obtained. Letting them flourish and to have my students value the same is something I strive for everyday.

1. a person who is aware of and accepts the physical universe, events, etc., as they are.